The Rachel Ray guitar. Made & played by terry johnson.

What was it like playing on the Rachael Ray show?

First Rachael was awesome to talk with. It was so much fun playing on her show. Lights, Camera, Action is right. All the people she had working behind the scene was very friendly. 

This guitar was made from a Rachael Ray Frying Pan

With the help of my fans, they help name it and suggested ideas of what to put on it like the salt and pepper shakers for volume and tone knobs. 

What does the Rachael Ray & the Mojo Music Maker guitar have in common ?

I used the same fret design on the Rachael Ray guitar as I do on the Mojo Music Maker. You can't make a mistake playing them. Remember to go under the store page to check out the 20 instrumental song CD feachering the Rachael Ray guitar along with 10 other guitars created by Terry Mojo Johnson . All guitars were designed and made by Mojo Johnson, custom guitar builder

For Sale, I made a guitar just like the one from her show.

 Rachael Ray Frying Pan Guitar for sale That's right, Terry Mojo Johnson made a second EVOO just like the one I played on the Rachael Ray TV show. It sounds, plays and to be honest looks better than the original EVOO.                                    

Files coming soon.


The Rachael Ray guitar has the same fret design that is on the Mojo Music maker guitar. Here's a demo of Terry MOJO Johnson playing the Rachael Ray guitar. 

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Terry Johnson is the builder and performer that played on the Rachael Ray show. You can also check out his band The Swamp Drivers where the entire band makes & plays their own instruments @ 


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